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          Accumulator acid
          Accumulator sulfuric acid
          Reagent grade sulfuric acid
          Ammonium hydroxide
          About Us


          Henan Xingyang Yongxing Chemical Co.,Ltd.  founded in 1988, is the chemical enterprise dedicating to research, production and sale of accumulator sulfuric acid and reagent grade sulfuric acid. The company has obtained the business license of hazardous chemicals of People's Republic of China.
          The company is located in Yingyang Sishui town, and enjoys beautiful environment and excellent position.
          The company has always insisted on business and development philosophy of quality first and credit top since founded 20 more years ago, and takes product quality works as production and business first work. The company constantly increases product quality and service quality to satisfy market needs. Products are well sold around China and get good reputation
          Facing new century, we inspire and encourage. We will completely develop our advantages facing fierce market competition, and respond to customers by better products and service. We will strive for creating the competitive team and beautiful future.
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                  Add: Qingjingou, Sishui Town, Xingyang City, Henan Province, China
                  Tel: +86-371-68121926